Executive's Note.

In 2016, YOVENCO (YOuth Volunteers and ENvironment COnservation). program consumed huge amount of work, research and dedication. Quantifying change is more art than science. There are measurable attached to key indicators, which are guided by outcomes as directed by overarching organizational strategic plan. Our development program has continued to grow from strength to strength, assisting more than sixteen thousands individuals of different compositions.


And the implementation was success with engagement from the Somaliland Government. A country local government deserves my appreciation for their willingness to development and provision of conductive environment for our program implementations.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our partners in 2016 namely UNDP, USADF, SCI, FAO and UNICEF for their support to implement projects that has created positive impact on the life of the targeted populations.

In 2016 our program extended direct supports to 13329 individuals in pursue to change and improve their living conditions and wellbeing. However, we Know that challenges are many, be it extreme Youth unemployment, frequent droughts and loss of livelihoods, poor economy performance and natural disasters caused by environmental and climate change.

YOVENCO will continue serving the people affected by these challenges by providing hope and relief to full recovery. We appeal our partners to also continue and scale up their support and partnership.


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Abdulazeez Saed Salah

Executive Director YOVENCO, Somaliland



Phone: +252 2 740674





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